Upon the death of the founder, a family uncle, Charles T. Galloway (?-1912), stepped in to run the company until John E. Nicholson (1865-1932), (the son of the founder) graduated college. In 1888 John E. Nicholson graduated from Princeton University and joined his Uncle Charles in the day-to-day running of the company. During this period the company expanded into general construction and restoration work, and continued to perform sheetmetal roofing and cornices. They remained at 644 Hudson Street during this time, and clients included William Waldorf Astor, John Jacob Astor, William Rhinelander, Alexander T. Stewart, the Whitney Family, and Tiffany & Co. among many others. Company operations continued on a reduced basis during World War I, 1917 – 1918. John E. Nicholson was an active member of his community, belonging to several clubs and organizations including the New York Yacht Club, the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club and the Downtown Association. In addition to being the Co-President and Director of Nicholson & Galloway, he was a director at the Roslyn National Bank & Trust Company as well as a life member of the Marine Historical Association, the Naval Order of the United States and a sponsor for the Police Boys Club. Charles T. Galloway died in 1912 and John E. Nicholson died in 1932.